Lipotropic CLA

Weight loss poses a significant problem in modern-day healthcare systems. At least 33% of the American adult population is obese and, according to one study1, up to 70% of these individuals are actively trying to lose weight.

A significant number of techniques have been tried and tested in weight reduction. While surgical approaches, along with specific pharmaceutical interventions, are available, the adverse effects associated with these options are usually considered to outweigh their positive actions in the body except when obesity has become a severe problem in a person’s life.

A common technique used by the majority of individuals who prefer not to opt for conventional treatment of obesity include exercise, calorie restriction, and behavioral adjustments. While some do find that the combination of these techniques yields positive results in the short term, a concerned has been raised in regards to the longer-term benefits. Up to 95% of people who lose weight successfully tend to gain back some or all of the weight they lost within just a few months after they quit their diet2 – sometimes they gain back more weight than they had lost originally.

The addition of certain weight management supplements has shown promising results, but not all weight loss supplements are created equal. Lipotropic CLA is a powerful formula that only takes advantage of one single ingredient to deliver a series of benefits to the user – allowing for weight loss results to be achieved faster and more effectively, all while not causing any significant side-effects.

What Is Lipotropic CLA?

Lipotropic CLA is a potent, yet safe supplement that provides a way for individuals who are overweight and obese to find a solution that will help them drop the extra pounds that have accumulated in their body. The effective action behind the formula introduced by this supplement is simple and also very effective.

Is It Possible To Block Fat Accumulation And Utilize Existing Fat Cells?

This product has been developed to provide a number of functions in the user’s body, all ultimately contributing to better results during their weight loss journey. The primary goal of this product is to assist with the inhibition of new fat cell formation. This already holds a great deal of benefits for the user. By inhibiting the formation of new fat cells, further weight gain can be avoided, which leaves more room for the user’s current body weight to be reduced.

In addition to providing an effective solution to help stop new fat cells from developing, this supplement has also been designed to help reduce the existing amount of fat cells distributed throughout the user’s body. The powerful ingredient utilized in this supplement helps the body use fat cells stored in the liver and muscles as a source of energy. In turn, this makes the body burn fat for energy.

Lipotropic CLA Ingredients

The only active ingredient that is included in the Lipotropic CLA weight loss supplement is CLA, an ingredient that is also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid. This particular ingredient has become quite popular in modern-day weight loss supplement due to a large number of scientific research data available to support the fact that this ingredient is highly effective in providing a number of physiological effects that ultimately lead to the reduction of body fat.

One study4 explains that the supplementation of Conjugated Linoleic Acid in the human body can help to provide a way for glycogen to be re-synthesized as well as to reduce fatty acid accumulation in adipose tissue distributed through the user’s body.

Another study5 provided evidence that the use of Conjugated Linoleic Acid holds benefits for two particularly important factors of healthy weight management – reducing body fat mass and, simultaneously, increasing lean body mass.

Benefits Of Lipotropic CLA

Let’s consider some of the most important benefits offered to the user by the Lipotropic CLA supplement:

  • The active ingredient has been proven to provide a reduction in body fat percentage, while also helping the user increase their lean muscle mass. This combination makes the use of this particular supplement more potent than many other supplements that only focus on reducing body fat mass.
  • Instead of only aiding in weight loss, this supplement has also been proven to help prevent further accumulation of fat cells in the user’s body. With the regular use of the product, fat cell production will become inhibited, and the body will turn toward existing fat cell reserves to assist with the production of energy.
  • The price of this product is very attractive when it is compared to some of the other options that a person can currently find on the market.

Side-Effects Of Lipotropic CLA

A benefit of CLA, the primary ingredient of this supplement, is that it has been considered a very safe substance to use for weight loss. No serious side-effects have been associated with the use of this supplement. Some mild side-effects may develop in some users, however, but the majority of these side-effects only tend to develop during the first few days of use, and they usually go away on their own.

Common side-effects3 associated with the use of products that contain CLA include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort and an upset stomach

It should be noted that CLA has not been deemed a safe option for individuals who had previously been diagnosed with diabetes or metabolic syndrome. The use of the active ingredient has also not been deemed 100% safe for pregnant women as further studies are still needed. Additionally, since the ingredient may have an effect on blood clotting, individuals with blood disorders are not advised to use such a supplement to help them lose weight.

Dosage And How To Use

Each capsule contains a powerful concentration of the product’s main active ingredient, which provides adequate support for several hours. For optimal weight loss results, a user is advised to rely on this supplement throughout the day to keep its effects going. Most users will find that taking three capsules on a daily basis will provide them with the most effective approach toward speeding up their weight loss journey.

The recommended three daily capsules can be split into three single-capsule doses. The first dose can be taken in the morning, another dose at lunchtime and a final capsule in the evening.

Individuals who are looking to lose a more significant amount of weight in a short period should consider combining the Lipotropic CLA supplement with PhenterPro SR, a powerful appetite suppressant that also comes with various energy boosting ingredients to deliver a potent approach to reducing caloric intake and ensuring the user has enough energy to get through the entire day, and still be able to fit in a session at the gym.

Users should also not rely on this product as a “magic solution” – no weight loss or fat burner pill can offer such an effect. To truly benefit from the use of this supplement, the user will still need to implement a weight loss program in their life – this should include both physical activities and a nutrition-rich diet plan that takes advantage of foods known to burn fat, instead of adding more fat to the body.

How Much Does Lipotropic CLA Cost?

Unlike some weight loss supplements on the market that tends to cost way over $100 for a single month’s supply, this particular product is quite affordable. Each container comes with a total of 90 capsules, which ensures the user has an adequate supply of the product to last them an entire month.

A single bottle of Lipotropic CLA will cost the customer $49. No additional shipping charges are added to the order’s final price. The product can be purchased on the manufacturer’s official online website, which can be accessed by going to

It should be noted that this product is produced within the United States and only ships to addresses that are located in the country. International shipping of this product, along with the other products offered by this brand, is not currently available.


Losing weight is already hard, but gaining back the weight makes the process of achieving a healthy weight and improving a person’s overall weight management skills even more difficult. Lipotropic CLA is a simple, yet effective solution that may be helpful in patients currently struggling to lose weight effectively. The active ingredient in these capsules has gone through many scientific trials to provide a detailed overview of how the substance helps to improve weight loss results.

Lipotropic CLA offers a high-quality concentration of the active ingredient CLA to help block the production of new fat cells and also help the body turn toward existing fat storage for the production of energy. The supplement is considered safe and, when combined with a product like PhenterPro SR, can deliver improved result when compared to diet and exercise alone.


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