Generic Name: Phentermine
Brand Name(s): Adipex-P, Lomaira
Medically reviewed by Ahmed Zayed, MD on June 19, 2018

Lomaira is a weight loss drug that is provided to some patients who are obese. The drug is more commonly prescribed for obese patients who have experienced health problems because of the excess weight that has accumulated within their bodies. The drug is manufactured by KVK Tech, a pharmaceutical brand that specializes in medication that can be used to treat weight-related issues. Lomaira cannot be provided to a patient without an official prescription and should not be used without monitoring by a licensed physician, as the product may lead to unwanted reactions in the patient.

Fast Facts On Lomaira

  • Lomaira is a short-term obesity treatment option that is not recommended to be used for more than three months continuously.
  • This drug is cheaper than most other phentermine brand name drugs that are currently available on the market.
  • Patients will not experience positive results without including an exercise routine and diet changes while using this product.
  • Over 125,000 physicians trust this drug and other phentermine-based pharmaceutical drugs in the treatment of obesity.
  • The lower dose of phentermine offered by Lomaira provides a safer and more subtle solution as compared to other options.
  • Lomaria should not be used along with other prescription weight loss drugs and fat burning supplements, as this may yield unwanted adverse reactions in the patient’s body.

Active Ingredients Of Lomaira

Lomaira only relies on a single active ingredient, which is known as phentermine1. This is, by far, the most popular type of chemical that is used to treat obesity today. Phentermine has been used by millions of people and often provide impressive result in a minimal period of time. The product has been designed to be used with a customized weight management plan for effective results2, as it will not produce a reduction of the patient’s bodyweight without ensuring that the patient is able to burn off more calories than they eat each day – this is, in general, the only real way that weight can be lost without the use of invasive surgical approaches.

Phentermine primarily acts as an appetite suppressant. The drug is known to affect the central nervous system of the patient and causes them to feel fuller faster when they are having a meal. In addition to assisting with reducing the caloric intake during a meal, phentermine has also shown promising results when it comes to reducing the frequency and severity of cravings.

Lomaira Prescribing Details

Patients who are obese do not automatically qualify for the use of this drug. A physician will need to analyze through the patient’s medical records, current drug usage, and consider some other factors to determine if they are a suitable candidate. Generally, Lomaira is recommended for a patient with a BMI of over 30. Additionally, adults with a BMI that is over 27 and diagnosed with high cholesterol, diabetes, or hypertension, may also be suitable candidates for the use of Lomaira.

Weight Management With Lomaira

One of the most important facts that patients should realize about Lomaira that this is not a magic solution to weight loss. Simply taking this pill and going about their regular daily routine is unlikely to provide the patient with the results they expect.

A patient needs to work closely with their physician in order to achieve positive results while they are taking Lomaira. A complete weight management plan will need to be executed, or their efforts and the use of this drug will not be effective.

The weight management plan provided to a patient should include a daily exercise routine, as well as a complete meal plan that they will need to follow during the period in which they are prescribed a daily dose of this drug. The patient should also be made aware of what foods they can opt for when they do experience a craving, as well as educated about limitations in their diet that will help to reduce their daily caloric intake to a lower level as their daily caloric exertion.

Common Side-Effects Of Lomaira

A number of side-effects may be experienced by patients taking this drug. Since phentermine is a type of stimulant, some patients complain about struggling to sleep at night, which makes insomnia one of the most common side-effect, especially among patients who are taking a higher dose of phentermine. Fortunately, Lomaira is a low-dose phentermine drug, but some patients may still be sensitive at a lower dose.

One study3 explains that some of the most unpleasant side-effects that may be caused by phentermine include severe headaches, breathing problems, heart palpitations, hypertension, irritability, as well as symptoms associated with depression.

Can Lomaira Be Used With Other Drugs?

Patients need to be wary when using Lomaira with other drugs. The active ingredients of this medication, phentermine, has been associated with interactions between a number of other pharmaceutical drugs, as well as herbal supplements that are often used to supplement the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

When a patient is advised to consider the use of Lomaira to help them lose weight and reduce the health risks imposed on them by obesity, it is vital for the patient to tell their physician about any medication they are currently taking. This does include not only other prescription drugs, but also natural supplements, vitamin supplements, performance supplements, and over-the-counter drugs. This will help the physician determine if Lomaira may be a good option for the patient and whether the patient will need to make any changes to the current supplements and drugs they are taking before they are able to start using this prescription drug.


Physicians are increasingly turning toward pharmaceutical drugs to help their patients lose weight when obesity is causing problems like heart disease and diabetes. Lomaira is considered one of the safer options when it comes to prescribing phentermine to a patient due to the low dosage options offered by this brand. Still, some patients may experience side-effects even with such low dose of this drug. This makes a search for alternative options to help obese patients overcome the complications of their excess weight.

PhenterPro is one particular option that has provided many patients with an alternative solution to Lomaira and other phentermine-based prescription drugs. This is a non-prescription drug that can be purchased without a prescription. PhenterPro has been proven to be both effective and safe when used with an exercise plan and a healthy diet.


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