Can I Exercise While Taking Phentermine?

women doing pushup

You’re taking Phentermine, now you’re not sure if you can exercise or not. Read this article to find out the best way to exercise on Phentermine, for the best possible result!

Best Exercises To Do While on Phentermine

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It is safe to exercise while you’re on Phentermine, as long as you know which type to do. In this article, we give you 10 exercises to do while taking Phentermine.

What to Do if Phentermine Causes Acne on Your Skin

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Phentermine is well known as a popular weight loss supplement. People around the world have tried this medication and obtained excellent results. However, the list of side effects is not so short. Unfortunately, the occurrence of acne is on the side-effects list. A significant percentage of Phentermine users report skin-related issues, mainly referring to acne. […]

Does Phentermine Really Cause Depression?

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With the ever-growing prevalence of overweight and obesity, the use of Phentermine has become quite common. The drug, available with a prescription only, is used mainly to help obese individuals kick-start their weight loss. Every drug comes with a certain risk of side effects that range in intensity from mild and moderate to severe. Phentermine […]