PhenterPro SR

Obesity is considered a health epidemic today1, with the prevalence of this condition increasing rapidly.

Weight loss is essential for obese individuals due to the complications of excess weight in the body. Obesity puts a person at a much higher risk of cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and hypercholesterolemia. Studies have found that even modest reductions in body weight among obese individuals can yield positive health effects2.

While doctors have relied on pharmaceuticals like phentermine and amphetamines for many years to assist obese patients in losing weight, the side-effect profiles of these medications are often considered unpleasant for the patient. Alternative solutions have been suggested and PhenterPro SR often stands out as one of the best current options that patients can consider instead of the current prescription drugs available for helping them lose weight more effectively.

What Is PhenterPro SR?

PhenterPro SR is an over-the-counter weight loss supplement that has been developed to produce similar effects and benefits as some of the popular pharmaceutical options that are available through a prescription, including phentermine. This product has been developed to offer the same physiological effects as a person can achieve through the use of prescription drugs that contain phentermine.

PhenterPro SR is primarily utilized as a multifunctional product that helps the user lose weight through multiple physiological effects within the body. These actions include:

  • Suppression of appetite
  • Boost in energy levels

This combination of effects provides an effective method to reduce daily caloric intake. The majority of people who are obese gain excess weight due to unhealthy eating habits, frequent binge eating due to cravings, and inadequate physical activity that causes them to exert an insignificant number of calories daily.

Ingredients In Review

PhenterPro SR has been developed to offer numerous benefits when it comes to weight loss, but without placing the user’s health at risk. To better understanding whether or not this product is as effective as its manufacturer claims it to be, we should take a look at the ingredients found in the product. This product contains a total of five ingredients to ensure the user can gain maximum benefits without being put at risks associated with some products that contain a more significant number of different ingredients.

  • 2-Phenylethylamine – This natural substance is classified as an aromatic amine and acts as a central nervous system stimulant in the human body. The substance acts as a neurotransmitter, as well as a monoaminergic neuromodulator. It has the ability to provide a significant enhancement in memory, focus, and energy, as well as provide improvements in the balance of blood glucose levels.
  • 1,3.7 Trimethylxanthine – This is a type of caffeine that is considered to be much more potent than the caffeine often found in coffee or tea. Caffeine has been proven beneficial in assisting with the reduction of body weight in obese individuals. Caffeine is also a type of stimulant.
  • Hordenine – A substance that increases the concentration of circulating norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a hormone that has been proven beneficial for reducing weight and boosting metabolism. Hordenine is also known to help reduce appetite, while also increasing the rate at which fat is reduced. The substance is also beneficial for boosting energy.
  • Synephrine – A very useful compound that has the ability to offer a significant improvement in overall metabolism, but without causing blood pressure to increase or the user to experience a faster heart rate.
  • Yohimbe – Yohimbe is a relatively common natural extract that has been shown to offer a number of useful benefits for the human body. One study3 found that Yohimbe is useful for reducing fat mass and fat percentage in the body. Yohimbe is also helpful in reducing fat distribution in the thighs and glutes among women, as well as the midsection in men.

The Benefits Of PhenterPro SR

PhenterPro SR offers a lot of benefits over some other options on the market, such as prescription drugs that utilize ingredients like phentermine. Users often find that this product is helpful for speeding up their weight loss when combined with an effective weight management plan. Let’s consider some of the top benefits that a user can expect from this product.

  • This product does not utilize the same pharmaceutical chemicals found in prescription anti-obesity drugs but still offers similar benefits. This places the user at a much lower risk of experience adverse reactions as compared to prescription options.
  • The product is more affordable than many other non-prescription weight loss products on the market.
  • Instead of delivering a series of unproven ingredients to win customers over falsely, PhenterPro SR rather utilizes fewer ingredients in their formula but ensures that every ingredient included holds positive clinical data to support their effectiveness in reducing body weight among obese individuals.
  • This product has been formulated to address unpleasant fat distribution that both men and women often suffer from. Instead of providing a generalized approach, the product has been formulated to address stomach fat, fat accumulation in the arms, “love handles,” thighs, legs, and also the face and neck region.
  • PhenterPro SR offers customers a risk-free buying option, thanks to their 30-day money back guarantee. Customers who use the product for an entire month and does not feel like it is working effectively for them can ask for a refund.

Possible Side-Effects

Even though this product is known to be a much safer option to rely on as compared to phentermine prescription drugs, there are still some side-effects that people need to be aware of before they start using the supplement. Generally, this product is not expected to cause any serious or severe side-effects in the user. It should, however, be noted that the product does include potent stimulants – some people may experience a sensitivity to the stimulants found within the formula. The most unpleasant impact that stimulants may have on a person includes an increase in their heart rate, as well as possible problems falling asleep at night4.

Another important factor to consider is the possibility of experiencing an allergic reaction. Individuals should take a look at the ingredients of this product and ensure they are not allergic to any of these compounds before they start taking PhenterPro SR.

Dosage And How To Use

Using PhenterPro SR is certainly very easy and convenient. Each bottle of this product contains a one-month supply, which is equal to 60 capsules. Users should closely follow the dosage instructions and avoid overdosing due to the stimulant content of these capsules. A maximum of two capsules should be taken on a daily basis. The first capsule should be taken before the user has breakfast and the second one before lunch. Continued use of this weight loss pill over a prolonged period of time will yield the best results.

PhenterPro SR Pricing

This product is available in different packages, designed to suit both the needs and budget of every customer. A single bottle of the product costs $67. Additional packages can be chosen that include extra products designed to be used with PhenterPro SR to speed up results. When buying a three-month supply of the product during a single order, a $44 discount also applies to the final price.

Achieving Maximum Weight Loss Benefits With PhenterPro SR

PhenterPro SR is not designed to be used without the inclusion of an appropriate weight management plan. Users need to ensure they obtain a good balance between daily energy exertion and caloric intake to allow the weight to be reduced. This product will help to reduce appetite, leading to a lower daily caloric consumption, and also boost energy to help the user participate in more physical activities.

Individuals who would like to experience faster weight loss results may also opt for the Advanced Fat Loss Kit from the brand, which does include not only PhenterPro SR but also two additional products that can further help to speed up weight loss, boost energy and suppress appetite. These extra products include L-CLA and 7-K2.0.


Excessive amounts of weight in the body is linked to many chronic diseases that may lead to poorer quality-of-life, as well as a shorter lifespan. A number of pharmaceutical options have been introduced to help obese patients lose weight, but these drugs can cause numerous side-effects and are not safe for everyone. PhenterPro SR is an excellent alternative option to phentermine that offers similar benefits, but without the harmful side-effects that many people experience when taking the pharmaceutical options.


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