Raspberry Ketones to Help You Lose Weight

by Rakib Sarwar, RPh on January 23, 2019
If you’ve been trying so hard to lose weight, you should know you are not alone in this struggle against unwanted weight. As a matter of fact, more than a third of the United States citizens are currently battling with overweight issues with another third of the entire population battling with obesity. Only about 30% of Americans are currently within the healthy weight range (1).With this large number of people dealing with overweight issues, the need for an effective and safe weight control measure cannot be overemphasized. More than 85% of the conventional weight control measures fail.The manufacturers of these purported weight loss products make unverifiable claims about their product’s efficacies, and in the end, the products fail to yield the desired weight loss results. This has further intensified the search for a weight loss product that will be both effective and safe for everyone (1, 2)Recent studies have shown a number of natural herbs and plants to be great sources of weight loss supplements. This is because some of these natural wonders contain certain natural ingredients that inhibit the accumulation of fat in the human body.The best part is that the natural supplements derived from these herbs and plants have been found to be effective for the treatment of other health conditions. Additionally, these supplements are safe for human consumption. One great example of these natural plant-derived weight loss supplements is the wonder supplement known as Raspberry Ketones (1, 3).

What are Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketone is the substance found in red berries. This substance gives the fruit its powerful aroma and its weight loss abilities. This powerful natural substance has also been found in other popular berries, such as cranberries, kiwis, and blackberries.This powerful substance has been used by cosmetics companies for long and has been used in the manufacture of ice creams, soft drinks, and several other processed foods as a natural food flavoring.In recent times, this substance has gained a widespread popularity as a weight loss supplement. Today, it is a popular belief that one bottle of Raspberry ketones weight loss supplement is all you need to melt away all the fat in your body. It is also believed to prevent any form of weight gain, thereby keeping your body weight low at all times (1, 4).

How does Raspberry Ketone work?

The science behind the weight-reduction abilities of Raspberry Ketones is hereby explained. The molecular structure of this Raspberry Ketones resembles that of capsaicin and synephrine. According to very reliable studies, these two molecules are quite good at boosting metabolism. This is why researchers predicted that Raspberry Ketones could perform the same metabolic roles in the body.Some studies carried out on mice showed that these raspberry ketones increased the rate at which fats are broken down. Also, these researchers found that the ingestion of raspberry ketones enhances the production of adiponectin (1).Adiponectin is produced by fat cells in the body and play a very important role in body metabolism and the regulation of blood sugar levels. Further studies carried out on humans showed that people with higher levels of adiponectin tend to enjoy normal weights.These studies concluded that people with very low adiponectin levels stand higher risks of obesity, fatty liver diseases, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes. What this means is that raising your adiponectin levels would naturally help you lose weight and reduce your risk of developing any of these diseases. So, suffice it to say that raspberry ketones aid weight reduction by increasing the adiponectin levels in the body (5).

Other health benefits of raspberry ketones

Studies have shown that this wonderful supplement can do a lot more than helping you lose weight. Here are some other common health benefits of raspberry ketones.

Reduces Liver Inflammation

According to a study published in the International Journal of Medical Foods, raspberry ketones can protect you from liver inflammations caused by the accumulation of fats in your liver. However, there is a need for more studies to be carried out to ascertain the right dosage to be used (6).

Improve Insulin Resistance and Control Cholesterol Levels

Raspberry ketones may have some therapeutic effects in increasing insulin resistance in obese rats. This raspberry ketone also normalizes cholesterol levels in the body. Again, there is a need for more studies to ensure the right dosage for this effect is administered (7).

Increased Hair Growth

Since raspberry has a similar structure with capsaicin, it is widely believed that raspberry ketones can help activate the sensory neurons, which promotes natural hair growth by enhancing dermal insulin-like growth factor-1 expression. Applying this supplement to the scalp can increase hair growth after 5 months of consistent application (8).

Improves skin elasticity

Some Japan scientists carried out some studies to ascertain the efficacy of raspberry ketones for enhancing skin elasticity. According to their findings, applying as little as 0.01% raspberry ketone on the face can increase the elasticity of your cheek skin. This study was carried out on 5 women and was found to achieve the skin elasticity enhancement after about two weeks of consistent application (9).

Side Effects of Raspberry Ketones

So far no negative effects have been linked to the use of raspberry ketones for weight loss. The use of this substance in both cosmetic products and food supplements have been found to be quite safe for all sexes and ages. However, no intensive study has been carried out to ascertain the long-term effects of the use of this supplement.No studies have so far been dedicated to discovering the potential side effects that could accompany the use of this natural substance. Its food and drug interaction is also an area that requires more studies (4).The mere fact that this substance has a very close resemblance with a number of stimulants has raised fears that it might have side effects. There have been some unreliable reports of cases of jittery feelings, increased blood pressure, and increased heartbeats after its use.However, without any concrete scientific evidence, no one can say what dosage of this supplement might be harmful to the human body if any. This is why it is important you speak with your physician before taking this or any other supplement (4).

Use of raspberry ketones in traditional medicine

For a long time, the ketones found in red berries have been used for the prevention of diabetes, high cholesterol, and liver cancer. Before the invention of food supplements, raspberries were consumed whole for their ketone contents. They were also eaten for the nutritional values they offer.A diet rich in raspberry is loaded with the most powerful antioxidants and important nutrients, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, manganese and magnesium. Consuming raspberries helps inflammation, improve your cardiovascular health, fight aging and reduce arthritic pains (5).

Raspberry Ketones Dosage

You can find most of the raspberry ketones supplements in capsule forms. They can be purchased online or from any dispensary stores near you. The normal raspberry ketones dosage ranges from 100-1,000 mg, 1-2 times per day. However, the FDA said that most of these supplements contain a much higher dose of raspberry ketones than the recommended dosage (5).

Incorporating raspberry ketones into your diet

It is quite beneficial to get raspberry ketones in your diet for enhanced and faster benefits. One great way you can make raspberry ketones part of your daily diet is to eat more berries, such as raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries.Eating fruits like apples, grapes, kiwi, and peaches can also help you get more of these wonder-working ketones into your body. This is in addition to the ketones you get from eating processed foods that make use of ketones as a flavoring agent.You can boost the levels of this adiponectin in your body by incorporating other fruits that produce this substance into your diet. Other fruits that produce this diet include nuts, olive oil, avocados, etc. Drinking coffee and engaging in regular physical exercises have also been found to help increase the level of adiponectin in your body (5).

Final Thoughts

Raspberry ketones are naturally-occurring phenolic compounds contained in raspberries, other berries, and fruits. These raspberry ketones have been traditionally consumed for their cholesterol-lowering and anti-diabetic properties. However, recent findings that link their use to weight loss benefits accounts for their large popularity.While most manufacturers will claim they have one supplement for all weight loss and health needs, it is important to combine your supplement with a good diet and exercise routine. A good combination of all factors that help you lose weight will bring you far better results than depending on your weight loss supplements alone (5).


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