Dried Fruits That May Boost Weight Loss

by on October 27, 2021
Last updated on December 8, 2021

There has been an increase in people becoming aware of their health and making healthier food choices in recent years. In addition to looking attractive, maintaining a healthy weight is important for one’s health.

Weight gain can lead to a variety of health issues such as heart disease, diabetes type 2, inflammation-related disorders such as renal and liver disease, and more. In addition, being overweight can have a negative impact on your self-esteem, which can lead to sadness and worry.

Despite the fact that many people make frequent weight-loss goals, very few of them stick to them. Because it can be tough to lose weight, especially if you have a poor metabolism, this is often the case. People who can’t give up their habit of snacking may also find it difficult.

Consider the fact that replacing your snacks with dried fruits will help you lose weight more effectively. Obesity is a major public health issue in many countries. In addition to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, you may also experience kidney and liver complications if you are obese. Adding dried fruits to your diet as a healthy snack can help you lose weight in a healthy and nutritious manner.

Snacking on dried fruits is an excellent idea if your metabolism is slow. You’ll learn how to substitute dried fruits for snacks to help you lose weight in the following section!

Is it Possible to Lose Weight With Dried Fruits?

The answer to this question is a qualified “yes.”

For a nutritious snack, dried fruits are a great choice. It’s only that they’ve been compressed into a more convenient form.

These antioxidants can help lower blood pressure, enhance digestive health, and more. Dried fruits include a substantial amount of the required daily intake of vitamins and minerals, such as folate, in one serving (2).

Do Dried Fruits Make You Gain Weight or Lose Weight?

Consuming dried fruits might lead to rapid weight gain if you don’t keep track of how many calories you consume. Consuming dried fruits can lead to weight gain because of their high sugar and calorie levels, while their water content is greatly reduced.

This is why you should incorporate little amounts of dried fruits into your diet for healthy weight loss if you want to reduce weight.

When to Eat Dried Fruits for Weight Loss

Dried foods for weight loss can be consumed at the following times, as mentioned below:

With its abundance of nutrients and favorable impact on your body and health, Almonds should be your first meal of the day.

When you get home from work, grab a handful of pistachios, cashews, or pine nuts to keep your energy levels high until dinner time.

Walnuts, dates, and prunes, which are high in soluble fiber, are a great nighttime snack. You won’t feel bloated or constipated thanks to these dried fruits.

Consuming cashew nuts at night may cause indigestion, therefore avoid doing so. Despite their deliciousness.

Dried Fruits and Nuts for Weight Loss: A List of Best Fat Busters

Dry fruits can help you shed pounds because of their high fiber content and ability to aid in weight loss.

Black Currants

Black currants are a great pre-workout snack, and they are quite similar to raisins, which are one of the greatest dried fruits for weight loss. Kids, especially, will appreciate the high fiber and low sugar content. These dried fruits, which come in both sweet and sour varieties, are packed with nutrients. Having a high level of antioxidants makes it beneficial to a variety of health conditions, including obesity and heart health.


In addition to their high fiber content, figs are one of the dried fruits that are rich in nutrients. When ficin, an enzyme found in the digestive tract, is used in conjunction with other digestive enzymes, it can help you lose weight fast. Sugar cravings are reduced when you eat this fruit, which in turn raises your metabolic rate. Because figs are low in calories, they make a good snack.


Because they keep you fuller longer, hazelnuts can help curb your desire to overindulge in unhealthy snacks. Hazelnuts are one of the greatest dried fruits for weight loss because of their high fiber content and beneficial fats.

Pine Nuts

As a result of its high concentration of pinolenic acid, pinenut is an excellent appetite suppressor. Being high in fat makes them the ideal nuts for weight loss because of their moderation. If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up that’s also good for your heart and eyes and anti-aging, pinenuts are a perfect choice.


It is a member of the walnut family, which has a buttery taste. The presence of oleic acid, which makes you feel full, keeps hunger at bay. While improving digestion and heart health, it also speeds up the metabolic rate of our bodies.You’ll have a stronger immune system as a result of the dried fruit’s anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.


Fruits like prunes are commonly used to alleviate constipation. The dried fruit’s high fiber content improves bowel motions, removing toxins from your body. In addition, it aids in weight loss by boosting the metabolic rate, making it an excellent dried fruit for reducing body fat.


Pistachios are one of the greatest dry fruits for weight loss since they are low-calorie and high in fiber. When you’re trying to lose weight, this dried fruit is a great option because of its beneficial fats. Consumed in small amounts, it keeps you full for long periods of time. When consumed in tiny amounts, it acts as a hunger-relieving agent, preventing you from overeating.

Brazil Nut

You can lose weight by boosting your metabolism with the help of Brazil nuts, which are high in selenium, which also improve your immune system. It also contains heart-healthy fats, low carbs, high fiber, and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and potassium that keep the body healthy. Consuming just two of these nuts will satisfy your daily calorie needs for the entire day.


As far as dry fruits go, almonds are one of the most popular. You can lose weight by managing your bowel movement by eating this dried fruit’s skin. Magnesium and Vitamin E help to keep blood sugar levels stable, which in turn helps you maintain a healthy body weight.

Dry Apricots

Dried apricots are a low-fat snacking alternative that can help you lose weight more quickly by reducing your hunger pangs. The minerals and fiber in these delectable dried fruits will aid you in your quest to lose weight and tone up. With their low-calorie count and portability, the dried apricot is a great treat to enjoy any time of the day or night.


Dates are high in carbohydrates, yet when consumed in moderation, they can help you shed pounds. Because dates are a good source of protein and contain unsaturated fatty acids, they help prevent weight gain. Dates are also high in fiber, which helps you lose weight faster by igniting your metabolism. Dates are rich in fiber.


In terms of weight loss, raisins’ iodine ingredient makes them an excellent choice because it speeds up your digestive process. This is also one of the most popular choices among many people at this time. The fiber in this dried fruit makes you appear thinner, especially if you have a slow metabolic rate. When ingested on a regular basis, it is also good for your heart health.


Cashew nuts are another famous dried nut that keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. As a result of their high protein and fiber content, they assist you to shed the pounds you’ve accumulated. In order to burn fat, you feel full for a long amount of time with this method. Keeping a close eye on your portion sizes is the sole caution you should keep in mind when consuming these foods.


Who hasn’t heard of these sturdy but delectable walnuts? Skin and hair benefit greatly from the beneficial fats found in these dried fruits, and they also aid in healthy weight loss thanks to this as well. Nutrition is provided by omega 3 fatty acids, which keep hunger pangs at bay and aid in weight loss by suppressing appetite hormones. Those fish who are allergic to or don’t like fish can safely be fed walnuts in their substitute. As an added benefit, it makes it easier to digest food.


There are several varieties of peanuts, and they are another dry fruit that is eaten on a daily basis. But did you know that eating peanuts in moderation can help you shed pounds? Yes! Although it has a lot of fat and calories, it helps you lose weight. To help you shed pounds, peanuts’ high fiber and protein content will keep you satisfied for hours. Taking it can help you shed pounds by boosting your body’s metabolism. It’s important to remember, though, that you should consume them in moderation.

What’s the Point of Dried Fruits?

Now, you may be asking why you should consume dry fruits instead of your usual snacks. A wide variety of dried fruits are called superfoods because of their high nutritious content. As a result, if you consume them instead of typical snacks, you avoid increasing your consumption of bad fats and carbohydrates that contribute to weight gain.

Dry fruits can also benefit those with low metabolisms, as the research shows. In order to help you lose weight, certain types of dried fruits might increase your metabolic rate.

What Are the Best Dry Fruits for Weight Loss?

In your weight loss quest, the following dried fruits will be most beneficial:

Low in calories, almonds are one of the best foods to include in your diet. 576 kcal for 100 grams of almonds. Nutrient-dense almonds, even if eaten sparingly, can have a significant impact on your overall health. Proteins, mono- and polyunsaturated fats, and antioxidants make up the majority of the nutrients in these foods. Additionally, almonds cut bad cholesterol, which tends to be higher in persons who are overweight or obese.

If you’re a person who likes to nibble regularly, pistachios are the best option for you. The reason behind this is that they contain a lot of fiber, which makes you feel full for a long time. Aside from the fact that it helps with bowel movement, fiber is helpful for digestion.

Cashews are a delectable nut that is quite popular in Indian cuisine. Magnesium is a mineral that your body needs on a daily basis to function properly. Magnesium regulates the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates in the body, which is useful for weight loss.

Weight loss and flavor go hand in hand in the case of dates. Because of their high fiber content, these foods will assist to alleviate your mid-day hunger sensations. Consequently, you will be less likely to graze between meals. In addition, dates are good for you since they contain Vitamin B5, which your body needs. Because it increases stamina, this vitamin can help you exercise for longer periods of time and strive toward your target weight!

Omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid are abundant in walnuts, making them a particularly nutritious dry fruit (ALA). There are numerous health benefits associated with consuming these fatty acids. If you’re trying to avoid cardiovascular disease, which may be an issue for many individuals who are obese, this is a terrific addition to your diet.

There are numerous weight loss-enhancing qualities in Brazil nuts. Fat burning is aided greatly by the presence of L-arginine, an important amino acid. A higher metabolism reduces the buildup of harmful fat in your body. Minerals including selenium, vitamin B1, thiamine, phosphorus, and magnesium abound in Brazil nuts, making them ideal for those looking to slim down.

To help you shed pounds, try a handful of crunchy hazelnuts. They’re high in fiber and healthy fats. When you consume hazelnuts, like with the other high-fibre dry fruits in this article, you’ll be satisfied for several hours, which is an excellent way to lose weight. Stopping yourself from overeating between meals might be an excellent first step in losing weight!

If you eat apricots, you won’t feel hungry for at least five hours. Magnesium, an important mineral for fat metabolism, is also included in these foods. Cooking with apricots adds a delicious flavor to a variety of sweet dishes.

For those on a salt-restricted diet, finding a snack that also helps them lose weight can be a real challenge. However, raisins are a great source of both! The iodine content in these dried fruits is extremely high. Weight-loss enthusiasts will appreciate that 100 grams of raisins have only 0.5 grams of fat and 299 calories, making them an ideal snack.

Dried plums, or prunes, are another name for prunes. Peristalsis in the intestines is aided by their high fiber content. Since waste and poisons are quickly expelled from your body, this can help you shed pounds. Those who are watching their caloric intake will appreciate that 100 grams of prunes only have 240 calories, making them an ideal midday snack.

A pre-workout snack of black currant is a terrific idea. Raisins are a versatile dry fruit that is easy to incorporate into your diet. The best aspect is that it helps you lose weight. The low sugar level and high dietary fiber make them appealing to children, especially. It’s hard to beat the nutrients and flavor of these dried fruits. Aside from helping with weight, heart health, and other health issues, its antioxidant characteristics make it an excellent supplement.

There are several beneficial nutrients in dried figs, including dietary fiber, which can help keep the digestive system in good working order. In addition to ficin, figs also contain an enzyme known as pectin, which aids digestion. This enzyme aids in weight loss because it interacts with other digestive enzymes. Consumption of figs can also help you control your sugar cravings and stay on track with your diet.

These goji red berries are a great source of antioxidants and minerals. Goji berries contain a lot of fiber and can help you burn more calories. Goji berry juice can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism.

Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of Nuts:

As an alternative, you can consume nuts in other ways that are just as good for you. How about this?

The health benefits of almonds and milk can be combined in one drink. If you are trying to lose weight, almond milk is an excellent choice because of its low fat and calorie content.

When you eat protein bars, you can satisfy your cravings while still getting the nutritional benefits of consuming a variety of nuts at once. As a rule, protein bars have more than one type of dry fruit in them. Although this can vary from brand to brand, you should double-check the product box to be sure.

Making a smoothie in the morning that includes nuts like cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, or raisins. Nuts can also be used as a substitute for meat in a dish (for example, chicken coated with pistachios).

When consuming dried fruits for weight loss, keep these in mind.

Consume dry fruits in moderation at all times. If you stick to a moderate intake of them each day, you’ll get the benefits. Overeating dried fruits can be dangerous because they are high in calories.

You should always eat dried fruits without any preservatives. Consuming sugar-coated or salted dry fruits is not as healthful as consuming natural dry fruit.

When buying dried fruits, be sure to read the labels to determine if they contain any additives. They may be flavored with sweets, spices, or other ingredients.

Your weight has a major impact on your health, as it can affect a wide range of bodily systems. This is why it is important to keep a close eye on your physical appearance and well-being.

There are numerous positive effects on your life, such as increased self-esteem, improved social skills as well as more optimistic ideas, as a result. However, even though it may seem like a daunting task right now, it is possible to lose weight by incorporating dry foods into your diet.

A large variety of herbal and ayurvedic supplements for weight loss are available from us! Your doctor can provide you with advice on which supplements are right for you based on your current health status. Get our app immediately and start shopping from our wide selection. Every journey begins with a single step, so begin today and shed those extra pounds!

In order for your body to function properly, you must maintain a healthy weight. Because of this, maintaining a healthy weight requires being cautious about the foods you consume. To shed pounds quickly, eat dry fruits sparingly and only as needed during the day, not all day long.


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